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Entry #2

SCD Deluge is out!

2014-03-31 04:49:42 by Oskarmandude

After a very long time (of mostly procrasinating), SCD Deluge (formerly known as SCD Side Story) is out!

Please watch it and give a helpful rating :)


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2014-03-31 18:59:58

I'm hoping that the next episode will come out soon!

(Updated ) Oskarmandude responds:

There won't be another episode of SCD Deluge, this is just setting the stage for Deluge's appearance in Arnas' episodes. However, I am planning on making a new series, maybe more than one even.


2014-04-01 14:39:31

What series do you make in future?

Oskarmandude responds:

I was thinking of making a comedy series.


2014-04-02 05:49:36

A comedy series? Could be great man, could I join as a writer, I have actually several characters of my own I can contribute to the roster :)

But, what kind of comedy? Satire, slapstick, or situational comedy?

Though...I'd love to do a drama with someone ;(

Oskarmandude responds:

You could join as a writer, but I'd like to write the first episode on my own. I would like to see some of these characters. The type of comedy? Well, satire's probably going to be in the mix, definitely slapstick but it's probably not going to be a sitcom. It's also very likely that I'm going to throw in some dark humour. We could collaborate on a drama if I have time.


2014-04-03 02:30:48

Oh the wondrous joys of dark humor lo

Oskarmandude responds:

Indeed XD